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About us 

 We help people discover where they want to go and devise a strategy to get them there successfully. Our clients benefit from a relaxed experience of working with our highly knowledgeable team, who prefer to do business face to face as often as possible. We listen closely to the diverse needs and goals of each client, analyze the obstacles they face, and use the tools and resources to advise on the optimal solutions and to execute a strategy. Knowing our clients is fundamental in helping them reach the financial future they envision. We appreciate the opportunity to work as a team with our clients’ other advisors—including attorneys, CPAs, financial planners, and giving officers—which helps us make sure every angle is accounted for, everyone is informed, and the most effective strategies are executed.

People don’t want insurance—they want what it does. They want their kids to go to college; they want to retire and maintain a certain lifestyle for the length of their life. Insurance products provide a safeguard so they can realize those objectives—regardless of interruptions. 

 —Jim Pittman

Kalinka Consulting Services